Teaching The ART OF DOG
Canine Conservatory LLC

Kurt Burk at 18 months with his dog Max    Kurt Burk with his dogs Duncan & Spirit now.

Canine Conservatory is all about teaching dog owners and their dogs The ART OF DOG by providing dog care and training under the supervision of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Kurt Burk. If you want your dog cared for and trained by a Positive Reinforcement based trainer, you have found it.

The ART OF DOG refers to the art of learning to discover and tap into your dog's individual needs, motivations, and drives to build FOCUS through a loving relationship. In order for your dog to decide to listen to, learn from, and focus on you, a special bond must be formed.

Canine Conservatory offers dog care and dog training solutions by offering a range of unique and custom services. Our services aim to both teach you and your dog to respond to CUES through a training curriculum that can work in concert with day care sessions that give your dog the social life he or she needs.


Animals learn to demonstrate behaviors that they are rewarded for. It's as simple as that. Dog Trainer Kurt Burk teaches dog owners how to reward behaviors they want their dog to offer and to ignore unwanted behaviors.

The following clip is from a mini-training session with a chicken from April 2014 while taking a week-long workshop at Legacy Canine with master dog trainer Terry Ryan in Sequim, WA. I demonstrate how through Positive Reinforcement you can train a chicken (or any animal) to learn to discriminate between rewarded behaviors over unrewarded behaviors without the need for punishment.

The following video is an example of the end result of training by working towards a dog in DOWN/STAY with real-life dog park distractions.

This video is of Kurt Burk's German Shepherds Duncan and Spirit as an example of a DOWN/STAY with the ultimate of distractions. This behavior was trained over time by slowly increasing the level of distractions from 1 to 10. This is level 11.

The ART OF DOG is about teaching the science of classical conditioning through the lens of your careful perception, observation, and attention to what your animal friend  truly wants. You must communicate your love through ACTIONS.

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