Teaching The NAMES of DOG
Teaching the NAMES of DOG 

Canine Conservatory's mission is to teach force-free dog training methods to dog owners by simplifying the learning process. Kurt Burk developed the F.I.D.O. Method that helps dog owners to teach and reinforce their dog specific desired behaviors and then NAME those behaviors so they are reliable. The most important lesson is that Positive Reward based training never ends. It's about integrating training into you and your dog's life. Teaching the NAMES of DOG takes place NOW and EVERYWHERE.

The following video is an example of the result of hours of positive reward based force-free training. Yes, treats are used to build the reliable behavior, but non-food reinforcers like fetch and freedom are what cements the behavior for the long run in real life situations. These are Kurt Burk's personal dogs, who were both adopted or rescued at various ages.

This video is an example of the goal of dogs presented reliable DOWN/STAY behavior at a dog park with random dogs and people all around them. Like real life. That is what our philosophy is about. We train you and your dog in real life environments with real life distractions. By thinking ahead, and with lots of time spent training and bonding with you dog, you are more free to do what you and your dog loves best. To be outside and go on adventures!

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