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  1. “Five years later and we’re still so happy with Kurt…he has an extremely deep knowledge about animals and really understands how to communicate with both dogs and people. He’s super passionate about his work and cares deeply about his work. Can’t recommend him enough. Thanks Kurt!!” -Jeff B., Los Angeles

  2. “Kurt is fantastic…he understands how dogs think and learn, and he emphasizes loving, compassionate motivation in training” -Frank V., West Hollywood

  3. “It’s been five years since I rescued my female GSD…Kurt was crucial in the first three months of training. Without his guidance, I don’t know if we could have kept her and she has saved my life multiple times since” -Louise W, Los Angeles

  4. “The man truly loves your dog as his own. He isn’t just doing what he does because it is a job, it is his passion. He deserves all the success he is having” -Andrew W., Los Angeles

  5. “Kurt has the perfect calm energy and patience with both the dog and human client. My dog and I are both learning so quickly and I’m really glad I picked Kurt as his trainer. Scheduling training has been a breeze and he also offered additional services like taking your dog to the dog park!” -Jenn P., Los Angeles

  6. “I definitely would recommend Kurt to anyone who wants a competent, trust-worthy person to care for their beloved dogs” -Jonny S., Los Angeles

  7. “Kurt is the absolute best! My dog has been part of the canine conservatory pack for a few years now and Kurt has always been super helpful, responsive, and gone above and beyond in every way possible. Not to mention reasonably priced (honestly for what he does, I feel like I'm getting the deal of a lifetime). My dog is SO tired when I get home after he's been with Kurt all day! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great play group or training sessions.” -K C., Los Angeles

  8. “Canine Conservatory is amazing! Kurt, the owner of the company, organizes meet ups where fellow dog lovers and owners can go on social hikes of all challenge levels, all over LA! My dogs are always so exhausted after the hikes, but more importantly, my dogs and I both learn something each and every visit with Kurt! I met him at Silverlake Dog Park a couple years ago, and many, many pups were literally sitting at his feet, listening to every word he would utter. His force-free dog training is DEFINITELY the way to go to insure your furbaby gets the training in the most productive and ethical way. Kurt also has a nice open area at home where he can house multiple dogs while owners are away - much better than a doggie hotel, as your pup will be guaranteed frequent trips to the dog park and constant socializing.” -Jordon C., Los Angeles

  9. “Beyond Kurt being amazing with our dog, he’s a joy to spend time with and is extremely reliable, easygoing, positive, and immensely knowledgable about animal behavior. We feel lucky to work with him!” -Wendy W., Los Angeles

  10. “Kurt and his team have been walking, training, and boarding my dog for over two years…he is reliable, trust worthy, full of knowledge and very reasonable with cost and payment. There is no on I trust more with my pup” -Alex B., Los Angeles

  11. “I have been using Canine Conservatory for about 2 years. Best dog service. Trustworthy, reliable, responsible and reasonably priced…I love when they send me pictures or video's of my dogs having a great time. Kurt has also been very successful in training both my dog. Kurt and his team are very loving toward my dogs. I highly recommend them.” -Nikki S, Beverly Hills

  12. “If you care about your dog's well being and want to deal with an animal lover and top class trainer, call Canine Conservatory!” -Marcus F., Los Angeles

  13. “Kurt was by far the most knowledgable and helpful trainer I have found and now use. He is extremely knowledgable and conducts classes in real life settings which is a great approach since dog behavior is more natural in typical settings. It provides learning in real time situations vs the controlled setting of a typical indoor class. He helps with take away skills - how to continue the training outside of the class, always With totally positive reinforcement techniques.” -Ruth B., Los Angeles

  14. “We found the Canine Conservatory on Yelp! Kurt is the real deal!!…Kurt’s services are reasonably priced and he really cares about helping people and their dogs. He is patient and knowledgeable.” -Paul C., Burbank

  15. “Kurt is seriously magic with dogs…I would highly recommend Kurt’s services to anyone with a four legged friend.” -Paul P., West Hollywood

  16. “…I have found the new dog whisperer!…in just a few minutes he took my puppy from doing the crazy puppy jump up, to coming and sitting for love and attention…He has a way of explaining to you how the training is affecting their actions and how it all works without being overwhelming” -Melissa D., Glendale

  17. “I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone who is trustworthy professional and honest to take care of their dogs” -Taryn B., Irvine

  18. “What’s better than being away from home, knowing your pet is safe, content, happy and with a loving, caring person like Kurt!!” -Kimberly W., Los Angeles

  19. “I have been working with Kurt Burk and Canine Conservatory since 2009…His knowledge of positive reinforcement is apparent for both it's scientific value as well as it's use in real life situations such as the dog park. He and his assistants are top notch and I would recommend the Canine Conservatory to anyone for both socialization, dog care, and specific training goals.” -Joni M., Los Angeles

  20. “It’s not easy to entrust a beloved pet to just anybody…that’s where Kurt comes in! He's skilled, knowledgeable & highly intuitive when it comes to dogs. Whether its a one on one training session or managing a larger pack at the dog park, I am continually impressed by what I see. What else do I love? His dedication, professionalism, skill & unwavering patience” -Jennifer I., Hollywood

  21. “He's very in tune with each individual dog and is one of the very few people I can completely trust with my dog.” -Rachel E., Los Angeles

  22. “We are so grateful to have Kurt in our lives. Anytime we need help with our beloved dog, Liam, Kurt is there. Kurt will take our dog to the park, take him on walks, or board him when we go out of town. Whatever we need, Kurt is there. Kurt is responsible, loving, and takes wonderful care of Liam. We have never seen our dog as happy as when Kurt comes to the door! We couldn't be happier or more pleased with Kurt and K9 Conservatory....Kurt has been an absolute blessing to us.” -Beth S., Los Angeles

  23. “Kurt is a great guy and works MAGIC with dogs. Definitely suggest using any of his services!” -Mrs. B., Los Angeles

  24. “Not only is Kurt super reliable, trustworthy, and flexible, but every time my dog goes out with him, she gets to play and socialize with other dogs AND get great off-leash exercise at the canyon or the dog park. Whenever I know I'm going to have a busy day or late evening at work, I know I can count on Kurt--even at a moment's notice--to make time for us. I'd highly recommend his dog walking services to anyone with a canine companion!” -AJ G., Philadelphia

  25. “Kurt is not only really great with his charges, but he really takes time to ease the owners too. I love the video/photo updates and they get shared with those I work with. They all think I have the most spoiled dog ever due to Kurt. He's not, but he gets the chance to be a dog during my long working hours.” -Jeffrey S., Sherman Oaks

  26. “I have never trusted anyone to pet sit before and now I feel I can go away and be confident that my dog is in the best possible hands. I fully trust and believe in Kurt.” -Elana B., West Hollywood

  27. “I met Kurt at Laurel Canyon Park one day and it was one of the best meetings ever…I know I can rely on him and he's always sending texts, emails and picture updates. Kurt takes my dogs regardless the hour of day, which is really convenient for me cos sometimes I have midnight flights, and I can be with my dogs before I leave for the airport. My boys are always happy and excited to see Kurt and his gang and they always come home super tired.” -Gloria T., Studio City