Dog Trainer Kurt Burk (CPDT-KSA) believes it is necessary to begin our relationship with getting to know you - the HUMAN.

Text 213-458-9162 to connect with Kurt and to set up a free phone call interview.  

From there, we can make an appointment to meet each other and to evaluate your dog. Don't be shy. Kurt is all about helping people to better communicate with your dog. So go ahead and say hello!

Log into our new dog training HUNDR APP by visiting our landing page and clicking on the “sign up for Canine Conservatory students”. Using your mobile phone number you will be walked through our on-boarding process to determine you and your dogs needs and desires.

We use our new proprietory software to on board your dog into our app so we can access your unique situation and create a training plan.


You can get the process started by using our HUNDR APP on-boarding before or we can walk you through the process in person.

How to schedule an Initial Consultation with Kurt Burk (CPDT-KSA)

Call or text 213-458-9162

We will schedule a private 2 hour consultation with you and your dog to establish what your desired and undesired behaviors are. We also need to figure out what your dog wants so we can use that as the basis for reinforcing your dog’s desired behaviors.

Initial Consultation (AT CANINE CONSERVATORY)

WHAT: Initial Consultation Private - 2 hours
WHERE: At Canine Conservatory in Valley Glen or location decided BY TRAINER
WHEN: Scheduled in advance - Text us to RSVP
RATE: $150 (fee is waived for current or past dog training or dog care clients)

Initial Consultation (AT YOUR HOME)

WHAT: Initial Consultation Private - 2 hours
WHERE: At YOUR HOME or where you decide
WHEN: Scheduled in advance
RATE: $250