F.I.D.O. Method

F  -  FOCUS: Mastering an emotional connection is the primary goal of dog training. To recognize the importance of building trust while identifying what non-food reinforcers motivate your dog to CONNECT with you on every level is fundamental. This refers to the mastery of maintaining your dog's FOCUS while training and playing. This is about bond building through learning what motivates your dog.

I  -  IMPULSE CONTROL: Your dog learns to understand IMPULSE control by learning the true meaning of behaviors such as: LEAVE IT, DROP, GIVE, STAY, WAIT as well as maintaining ORIENTATION positions at all times until the OKAY release cue. This is about teaching your dog not to burst through doors, jump on anyone, or take and later refuse to drop, a toy or food.

D - DIRECTIONALITY: There are three aspects of directionality you need to teach your dog to understand: 1. TO MOVE TOWARDS YOU -  2. TO MOVE WITH YOU MAINTAINING POSITION - 3. TO MOVE AWAY FROM YOU- Dog moves away from you in an indicated direction, towards and to targets, items, locations, and places.

O - ORIENTATION / OTHER MOVEMENTS: The Orientation of the dog; body position, placement, and alignment. This refers to the mastery of the behaviors that come to a STOP; such as the various SIT, DOWN, STAND, BOW, BEG, SETTLE positions.  OTHER MOVEMENTS consist of SPINS, TWISTS, ORBITS, PAW, SHAKE, WAVE, LEG, and NOSE TOUCHES.